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Fallopian tube recanalization (FTR) is a nonsurgical procedure to clear blockages in the fallopian tubes, part of a woman’s reproductive system.

Tubal Cannulation Set by Gabiox Innovations is effective. The cannulas are made with high-quality medical-grade raw materials for the safest operations. In addition, they are user friendly and made for fewer traumas. The Radiology Tubal Cannulation sets are used for fallopian tube recanalization with ultrasound guidance. They are malleable for better flexibility and easy penetration. All our products undergo a rigorous testing procedure for delivering you with the best quality. In addition, our R&D ensures our products matches the medical standards.

We have become a prominent radiology tubal cannulation set manufacturer with our consistent service and manufacturing quality.

Key Features:

  • Used for fallopian tube re-cannulization under ultrasound
  • 5 Fr Pebax catheter – pre shaped
  • Malleable stylet
  • Guidewire


  • 5 Fr Pebax catheter – pre shaped / Malleable stylet / Guidewire.